New projects ideas within the area of Culture are now welcome to apply at The Swedish Postcode Foundation.

The Culture Foundation no longer accept new project ideas.
Projects within the area of culture, are from now welcome to apply at The Swedish Postcode Foundation.

Application process

We are always interested to hear about ideas in which arts and culture are seen as the driving force to improve our world. The Culture Foundation accepts new project ideas throughout the year.

Please begin by sending us a short description of the project, using the form below. At this stage, you do not need to send in any attachments. We will get back to you within a few weeks if we decide we would like to develop the idea together with you. It is at this stage when a formal application should be made. To ensure a smooth processing of your application, we require you to submit it at least four months before the project is due to commence.

Criteria and guidelines

Non-profit organizations, operating within the main field of the Culture Foundation, are welcome to apply for financial support for projects that are of a limited duration.

The fulfillment of project criteria is not the sole element taken into account when evaluating such an application. The proposed project is examined to see if it corresponds with the vision and objectives of the Foundation. How well the project complements the beneficiaries of the Swedish Postcode Lottery as well as the Culture Foundation’s existing projects is also considered. Applications where it is deemed appropriate that the applicant’s constituents should undertake primary responsibility for the proposed project are not be prioritized. All projects must have a clearly stated timeframe and concern activities that are outside the daily operations of the applying organization. As a general rule, the Culture Foundation accepts projects with a duration of no longer than one year.

The criteria that should be fulfilled are listed below:

The Project should:

  • Be non-profit operated.
  • Apply cultural expressions and forms.
  • Have a long-term goal and serve a public interest.
  • Include concrete actions and take place within a set timeframe.
  • Have a link or a relevance to Sweden.

The project should ideally:

  • Be of an innovative nature with potential to create development within its field.
  • Involve target groups and other stakeholders to create engagement and legitimacy.
  • Include education and/or information activities in order to support the long-term impact of the Project.
  • Be communicative and easy to visualize.

The Cultural Foundation does not fund the following:

  • Organizations that are members of the Postcode Association (PostkodFöreningen) and receive contributions as final beneficiaries.
  • Organizations/projects whose activity is primarily driven by party political and/or religious interests.
  • Organizations/projects that are profit-driven.
  • Seminars, conferences and festivals, unless they can clearly demonstrate the relation to any of the Foundation’s main areas of activity and are included in the project context for the exchange of experiences.
  • Profit-driven companies, individuals, student exchanges, study tours, traineeships or scholarships.
  • When it can be deemed appropriate for the responsible body of the applicant to take main responsibility for the Project.

Type of organisation

In the description, make sure you answer the following questions: Why do you want to execute the project? Who is the target audience and how are you planning on reaching them? Where will the project be executed (/city/municipality/county)? What activities will be carried out? What results do you want to achieve? How is projectet relevant to the theme \"Local initiatives for a welcoming society?

Type of organisation

The Culture Foundation only provides support for non-profit organizations or foundations. The Foundation does not support companies, individuals or organizations are beneficiaries of the Swedish Postcode Lottery.

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