Zouquaq- Jada

In this initiative, young persons that have experiences from immigrating to Sweden, are meeting suburbian Swedes in workshops where they write musical lyrics together. Their texts are then sent to hip hop artists in Sweden and in Gaza, who will make beats to their stories. The process is lead by the Afghan screenwriter and  actress Monirah Hashemi and the hip hop artist Khaled Harara. The youth are after this process touring with Riksteatern in Sweden.

Project goal

To create new and Contemporary stories from young people in Sweden and in Gaza. To give young people an opportunity to meet beyond bordes.

Why we support tis project

This initiative gives unaccompanied minors and young swedes a platform to meet and to create together and the newly arrieved a way into Swedish society.

Project status


The projects started in Aug 2015 and ended in Sep 2017