Your Middle East

Your Middle East Foundation works to disrupt the global newsflow about the Middle East and North Africa, where the region is portrayed as one with little diversity, with a unique digital media plattform. The region is shaping its future with movements of feminism and a dynamic scene of new entrepreneurship. These movements are rarely covered by the traditional media. But by engaging bloggers, activists, tweeters, and combining their stories with those of established journalists, academics, and experts, Your Middle East Foundation nuances the picture of the region and offer more divesre stories from the people, religions and Cultures in the region.

Project goal

To nuance the reporting from the Middle east and Northen African countries; their diverse religions, cultures and movements.

Why we support this project

YME tells the real stories from the Middle East and North African countries and are by this  contributing to a more diverse and true reporting from the region. This is important for a more objective media landscape in Sweden and in the World.

Project status


The projects started in Aug 2015 and ended in Jan 2017

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