The Star of the Orient

The Star of the orient is a musical theatre play by Re:orient about the life of the iconic Egyptian star and actress Oum Khaltoum. The play was a big success in 2014 among Arabic speaking children in Sweden, who could all sing along to all its songs. It will now tour in Jordan, Turkey, Egypt and Morocco, to give refugee children in countries near Syria a moment of rest, and a chance to dream, sing and laugh with this musical adventure.

Project goal

To give refugee children moments of joy and hope through musical theatre.

Why did we support this project?

With The Star of the Orient, Re:orient contributes to spread joy and to give refugee childreen a chance to dream, laugh and sing and by this a chance to get a rest from the situation they are going through.

Project status


The projects started in Dec 2015 and ended in Dec 2016

For more information:ärna-كوكب-الشرق-29985264