Sustainable artisan business development

During a year and a half Nest has, with the support of the Culture Foundation of the Postcode Lottery, both developed their approach and become an invaluable partner for a large number of crafts groups from Amhedabad in India to Uganda’s northern countryside. Nest will within this new project continue work to on a number of these groups and simultaneously begin work with new groups. Nest offers a link to a global marketplace where artisans linked to partners in the design and fashion that is prepared to pay fair wages and fair working conditions and appreciate the unique cultural heritage of traditional craftsmanship means. In this way, the artisans activity not only conducted sustainably, but they themselves as well as the communities in which they operate can fully take advantage of the access to a global market.

Project goal

By developing and supporting talented craftsmen with a long-term partnership, we can help them to change not only their own lives but their society. Meanwhile, the Swedish public meet other countries' unique crafts traditions we most likely never would have met otherwise.

Why did we support this project?

To preserve and disseminate ancient cultural traditions in the form of traditional craftsmanship around the world and at the same time alleviating poverty, empowering women and promoting peace and fellowship within the artisans' communities.

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