Journalists working for freedom of speech

Journalists and organizations working with culture in democratic countries are used to have freedom of speech and freedom of the press. To work and live in a country with no freedom of speech creates fear and reduces the journalistic role: to be the voice of the people. In this project, journalists from Jordan and Sweden meet to learn from each other and share experience from working under different conditions. The focus is to learn how to strengthen the role of journalism and how to fight for freedom of speech and freedom of the press in different countries.

Project goal

The project is supporting long term democratic development in the Mena region and in Sweden. This will lead to a more adequate way of reporting and also to a better and mutual understanding between Sweden and the Mena region.

Why did we support this project?

This initiative is a mutual exchange between Swedish journalists, NGO’s and journalists working in Jordan. The initiative is working on democracy and human rights in general and freedom of speech in particular.

Project status


The projects started in Sep 2014 and ended in Aug 2015

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