From the World into the class room

Even though a new generation is rising their voice in one country after another at the african continent demanding democracy,  this is a movement that is not covered by the media. The organization Blank Spot Project are  going to cover this issue from inside the african countries and stay for a longer time than what is usually possible for journalist, in order to give these democracy movements a voice. Through digital communication and a tool that enables live streaming to interract with the journalists when they are in the field, Swedish pupils can communicate with the reporters in their class room. This enables a greater understanding of journalism, how a journalist work and the role the media play in a democrazy. At the same time, this enables the teachers to discuss with the students the importance of having a critical approach to what is reported in the media.

Project goal

To educate about the democracy movements in the african countries and support the local journalists in their work, aswell as create a tool for better understand the role the media plays in society.

Why we support this project

This initiative addresses the importance of having a society where poeple are free to say, write, think and read what they want. Through the digital tool, young people are getting a chance to interract with the reporters and by this to get at greater knowledge of journalism and its impact on society.

Project status


The projects started in Aug 2016 and ended in Dec 2017

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