Community Theatre, institutional sustainability and capacity development

The Freedom Theatre works in this project for a development of their unique Community Theatre model through trainings, seminars and interactive cultural activities in Palestinian villages, Bedouin camps, towns and refugee camps where the population is most vulnerable and do not have the opportunity to take part in cultural activities. In those communities The Freedom Theatre will arrange street theatre performances and solidarity events involving theatre, storytelling, poetry and music. These events will be attended by members of local communities, Palestinians from other parts of the West Bank as well as Swedes and other internationals who come to learn and spread awareness about the situation in occupied Palestine.

Project goal

The project aims to use culture as a tool for overcoming the physical and psychological fragmentation of Palestinian society, while promoting dialogue, collective healing and mobilization among marginalized groups. Finally it aims to document these actions and share them with partners and general public in Sweden.

Why did we support this project?

in this project, The Freedom Theatre can use interactive cultural activities to reach a most vulnerable population that do not have the opportunity to take part in other cultural activities.

Project status


The projects started in May 2015 and ended in Jun 2016

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