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Brit Doc Foundation

A Scandinavian platform for documentary filmmaking

Action 4 Hope

Cultural centers in Libanon

Riksteatern Värmland

Zouquaq- Jada

Konstfrämjandet Värmland

Re:visioning Congo – Sweden trough a dry plate archive

Your Middle East Foundation

Your Middle East

Blank Spot

From the World into the class room

War Child

War Child

Wikimedia Sverige

Connected Open Heritage


Cultural heritage in a globalized world


Good Pitch Sweden

Clowner utan Gränser

A moment of rest through laughter and play


The Star of the Orient

Hedda Foundation

Music, litterature and cultural heritage in Burma

The Freedom Theatre

Community Theatre, institutional sustainability and capacity development

Dansens Hus

exChange Perspectives

Minority Rights Group

Minority Rights Group

Jordan Media Insitute

Journalists working for freedom of speech

The BritDoc Foundation

Collaboration makes films that influence and change


Sustainable artisan business development

Lava Dansproduktion

Waiting in the margins

The Unstraight Museum

No Norm

Culture without Borders

al Hakawati – The Storyteller

The Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society

The Vanishing Tribes of Burma

Thank You by Childhood

It’s never too late to say Thank You

The Nobel Museum

Making Peace

Jens Assur and Afrikagrupperna

Africa is a great country

Föreningen Rötter

Stocktown X Africa

Strömme Foundation

Nairobi & Stockholm – city evolution & identity


Inner Visions

The Polar Music Prize

Polar Music Anthology

Junior Reporters

Junior Reporters in Zambia


Arts, crafts and social change

The Spiritus Mundi Cultural Association

Hayâtuna – Cairo & Amman

Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice & Human Rights

Speak Truth To Power – Courage without boundaries


Arts and Freedom of Expression

Lava Dance Production

HEM/HOME/ДOM – where is my home?

The Freedom Theatre

The Freedom Theatre in Jenin


Chateau Gardot Music Therapy Program

Expressions of Humankind

A Day

Ai Weiwei - Freedom of speech & creativity

Culture Without Borders