About us

The objective of the Culture Foundation of the Postcode Lottery is to operate in line with the Postcode Lottery’s vision of a better world – a world in which people meet on equal terms and gain a deeper understanding of each other. The aim is to create positive social impact for a large group of people through cultural expressions and forms.

The Culture Foundation provides financial support to charitable projects run by non-profit organizations and foundations. Selected projects promote co-operation across boundaries, national as well as social and cultural, alternatively projects promoting public education on cultural heritage through cultural expressions and forms.





We work with the project organizations

Our goal is to find more ways to support the project organizations beyond monetary funding. Through active dialogue, we can cooperatively gain knowledge and experience that can ultimately strengthen projects. We are also working actively to increase visibility and promote the overall impact of project outcomes. Each project is assigned a project manager from the Cultural Foundation who stays in close contact with the organization throughout the duration of the project. In addition to regular meetings and correspondence, we ask for written reports according to the agreed plan. Included in these reports are summarizations of implemented activities, costs, modifications, and forecasts from the project start to finish. The organizations receive funding based on these report. The project manager responsible makes visits to follow up on the project in place. We work closely with organizations to highlight and publicize information about projects in order to increase knowledge and awareness of their work. We do this because we believe that their work can inspire others. We also participate in events held by these organizations as well as other collaborators in order to create platforms to actively spread the word about their activities and encourage more people to test their ideas. After the project has concluded, the organization must provide a final report that includes a full analysis of project costs, activities, and results. This report must be authorized by a certified accountant and any remaining project funds must be repaid simultaneously with the submission of the final report. When the project is finished, we evaluate our cooperation in order to equally gain knowledge and experience from the project.

After analysis and approval of the final report, we write an additional report to the Gaming Board.

Board of Directors

The Culture Foundation’s Board meets regularly throughout the year and ensures that operations are conducted in accordance with the statutes and guidelines for the company. The board decides on new projects as well as policy and guidelines for our operations.

Lena Treschow Torell, Chair of the Board

Lena is a professor of physics and has been a member of the board for IVA since 1995, where she started as CEO. She is the Chair of the Board for Chalmers University of Technology and MISTRA, The Swedish Foundation for strategic environmental research. Lena serves on the board for several companies, including: Investor, SKF, and Saab. She was previously the Director of Research at the Joint Research Center, the European Commission in-house science service and professor at Uppsala University and at Chalmers University of Technology where she was vice president from 1994-1998. In June 2006, she received the Royal Order of the Seraphim for her achievements. Lena has been a member of the Culture Foundation Board since January, 2015.

Annika Levin, Board Member

Annika is a consultant, project manager, and director within the cultural field with a special focus in performing arts and international cultural cooperation. She is currently Member of the Board in three governmental boards and is a strategic advisor to Umeå 2014 – European Capital of Culture. Annika is also a member of the Board for Circus Cirkör. She has previously worked as International Manager at the National Arts Council, Director of the Swedish Institute in Paris, and Head of Cultural Affairs at the Swedish Embassy in Paris. Annika has been a member of the Culture Foundation Board since April, 2014.

Connection to the Swedish Postcode Lottery

The Culture Foundation of the Postcode Lottery was founded by Novamedia Sweden AB which operates under the Svenska PostkodLotteriet (the Swedish Postcode Lottery). The funds that The Culture Foundation receives each year from The Postcode Lottery derives from funds earned from lottery tickets, online Bingo, and scratch lottery games. Nearly one million subscribers participate in the Swedish Postcode Lottery which annually contributes over one billion Swedish Crowns to the non-profit sector.

The Culture Foundation, like Novamedia Sweden’s other foundations; The Postcode Foundation and The Postcode Lottery Sport Foundation, is not the final recipient of the lottery funds. The Culture Foundation has the task of identifying a variety of cultural projects and initiatives that contribute to positive change through concrete action. Projects supported by the Culture Foundation are contributing to a future world which is more colourful, less divided, and generally a better place in which to live.